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Get exclusive recordings from the June Festival (and beyond) for free!

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Why Supportify?

Streaming services like Spotify avoid paying royalties to artists. Between AI-generated albums, fake-bot fans, and lame payouts, there isn't much support for musicians and their craft from these big streamers. 


Supportify is a better way for musicians to connect with fans, record their music, and ultimately get paid for streams on their music and videos. Currently in our beta-testing phase, we’ve already seen great engagement from audience members who want to connect with their favorite musicians after the show.

By capturing one-of-a-kind live recordings from performances, we create valuable assets for artists and virtual encores for top fans like you. By joining this community you will be furthering the reach of this amazing talent - for free.

Our mission is to elevate live music and streaming to give artists the means to make more money and create more music. Thank you for joining the crowd. 


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